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Data Protection

The firm’s Data Protection work sits alongside its Information Security service. The Information Security Service looks at the physical systems and technology that clients have and seeks to enhance and improve it.

Our Data Protection Service looks at a client’s approach to data protection and seeks to assist clients to better manage and police this. It also advises and represents clients when things go wrong.

We do this via our ACTAR process:

1. Audit

We carry out an initial audit of a client and their information gathering and securing processes with a view to explaining clearly to the client where they’re getting things right, where they can improve and how they and we can help to enable that improvement.

2. Compliance

We can provide advice to clients on their general obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation but also more bespoke advice that is sector specific. We’re therefore able to clearly advise on what the law requires and what implications this has for you and your industry / sector.


We provide a training service for clients, their staff and data protection officers, which can be carried out either at our offices or else remotely. We also provide wider lectures and workshops on an industry specific basis throughout South Wales and further afield.

4. Advisory

A notifiable data protection breach must be notified to the ICO within 72 hours. It’s vital that this time is used wisely so that any breach can be properly assessed, recorded and reported. We offer a 24-hour support line to clients who have suffered a data protection breach so that we are constantly on hand, when things go wrong.

5. Representation

RDP represents clients who have suffered data protection breaches, both in respect of their dealings with the ICO and in respect of any claims arising from the breach. The firm also advises clients on brand protection in the event of breach.

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